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For General Aviation pilots interested in flying to The Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and/or Central America, CST Flight Services offers several services.

Special pricing is available for current CST Flight Services Online Services Subscribers.

If you have any questions regarding our services please e-mail us at info@cstflightservices.com

Border Overflight Exemption (BOE)

International Permits

Mexican APIS

Ground Handling

Cuban Overflight Permit

Airspace Fees

Mexico Airspace

Guided Expeditions

Southern Border Overflight Exemption (BOE)

When returning to the USA from Mexico or any country south of 30 degrees north, you must make your first landing at a CBP Designated Airport Of Entry (AOE) unless you have a valid and current Border Overflight Exemption (BOE) issued by CBP and you comply with the requirements of the Exemption. If you have a BOE you will still need to file your eAPIS and secure your landing rights at an airport where CBP is present.

All General Aviation operators utilizing a BOE must abide by all other applicable CBP requirements and regulations, to include:

  • An electronic or paper copy of the BOE letter must be kept on board the utilized aircraft (the regulatory burden of proof lies with the aircraft operator who must maintain a copy of the letter on board and present upon request)
  • The aircraft commander, operator, or authorized representative must still obtain landing rights approval or permission to land directly from the U.S. CBP port of arrival and must provide advance notice of arrival
  • Only approved aircraft capable of complying with regulatory flight behavior requirements may be utilized
  • Only approved pilots and crew may be utilized
  • Operators of exempted aircraft must utilize a transponder that reports aircraft position and altitude (i.e., Mode C, Mode S)
  • Operators of exempted aircraft must fly in accordance with instrument flight rules (IFR)
  • Operators of exempted aircraft must maintain altitudes above 12,500 feet mean sea level (unless otherwise instructed by Federal Aviation Administration controllers
  • Requests for renewal of an Overflight Exemption must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the expiration date
  • Non-compliance with the terms of this Overflight Exemption or any other CBP requirements and regulations (for example APIS violations, landing rights infractions, etc.) may become ground for the cancellation and/or the denial of an Overflight Exemption and/or penalty case initiation.

If you would like to request a Southern Border Overflight Exemption (BOE) please click on the corresponding button below. A US$50 discount is applied on the processing fee for our Online Services Subscribers.

Cuba Overflight Permit (COF)

Generally, Cuban overflight permits are required to fly though Cuban airspace. However, there are a few airways that do not cross over Cuban territory where transit has been allowed without requiring an overflight permit. Examples of such airways are: G765/UG765, B646/UB646, B879/UB879, B764/UB764. You cannot cross Cuba’s inner ADIZ unless you are under IFR. Cuban overflight permits have a processing fee and when you utilize the permit you will also be subject to airspace fees. Aircraft with an MTOW of less than 6,600 lbs (3,000 Kg) may be exempted from permit and airspace fees if the owner of the aircraft is flying the aircraft for tourism purposes. To be considered for an exemption, the pilot must make the overflight permit request directly with the Cuban Civil Aviation authorities and they will make the final determination if these fees will be waived. All permits requested by companies on behalf of third parties will be assessed permit and airspace fees.

In December of 2013, the US Code Of Federal Regulations was modified to allow operators of US Registered aircraft to contact Cuba directly and pay Cuba directly for overflight permits without the need for a Specific OFAC license. This makes it easier and more economical for operators of US registered aircraft.

Please find below our member and non-member rates for securing a Cuban Overflight Permit. The rates include our fee for processing the Cuban Overflight Permit, the Cuban Permit and Airspace fees charged by Cuba as well as the International Wire Transfer fees for paying Cuba.

MTOW From (lbs)

MTOW To (lbs)















MTOW From (lbs)

MTOW To (lbs)















Please note the following important information:

  • We cannot guarantee Cuban Overflight Permits will be obtained if the request is received 48 hours or less prior to your scheduled departure time

  • Requests for Cuban Overflight Permits made less than 3 business days prior to first flight will be assessed an additional          US$50.00 for rush service

Click on to Request a Cuban Overflight Permit (COF) (Special Pricing for our Online Services Subscribers apply)

International Permits

This service is designed for pilots wishing to do their own local paperwork but would like guidance and assistance with the overall planning of the trip. With this service, we provide the pilot with the following assistance:

  • Review aircraft, crew and passenger documents
  • Define Airports Of Entry (AOE) that best fit your needs
  • Review preferred routes and applicable procedures
  • Obtain over-flight and landing permits, if needed. Additional processing and permit fees may apply
  • Verify fuel availability and pricing
  • Preflight briefing to review trip and emergency contact number

This service is designed for pilots wishing to handle their own local airport paperwork and make payment of fees incurred but would like guidance and assistance with the overall planning of the trip. The Aeronautical Planning Service is an affordable option to get guidance and assistance with international flying regulations and procedures without engaging full ground handling services.

The International Permits Service includes:

  • Review of all aircraft, crew and passenger documents required for international flights

  • Recommendation of suitable Airports of Entry (AOEs) and routes that best fit your needs

  • Verify fuel availability and fuel prices at selected airports

  • Process and secure Overflight and Landing Permits required for your route of flight

  • Pre-flight consultation to review routes, airport and procedures before scheduled trip start date

  • Emergency Contact number

  • Process payment of applicable airspace fees after flight has been completed

Airspace Fees

Most countries -including the U.S.- charge for the use of their airspace and ATC services.

  • Some countries waive airspace fees if you land or depart from their country while others charge regardless of landing or departure point

  • Some countries send you an invoice, others don't

  • Methods, currency and ease of payment procedures vary by country

  • Unpaid airspace fees can accrue back tax and interest, growing over time

  • Aircraft can be denied entry into airspace or be detained upon arrival in a foreign country

  • Regulations and procedures vary and can change at any time

When purchasing a used aircraft, make sure that you are not also purchasing the unpaid airspace fee liabilities of that aircraft. Most foreign countries assess the debts to the aircraft, not the operator. With our Airspace Fees services, we determine what you owe and get it paid for you.

If you think you may be liable for unpaid airspace fees for routes of flight through COCESNA, COLOMBIA, CURACAO, JAMAICA, MEXICO, PANAMA or PIARCO airspaces or if you receive an invoice for airspace fees owed and would like our assistance to:

  1. Inquire about any unpaid airspace fees owed for your tail number, and/or

  2. Make payment of airspace fees owed on your behalf

Please contact us by e-mail at info@cstflightservices.com

For processing of Mexico Airspace fees, please refer to the section on Mexico Payments for Past Flights and Mexico Payments for Current Flights below.

Mexican APIS

A few notes on Mexico’s APIS requirement

  • APIS is mandatory as of January 1, 2014
  • A Mexican APIS must be filed with Mexican Immigration for flights TO and FROM Mexico. Fines range for US$ 5,000 to US$ 50,000 for non-compliance
  • A process for filing a Mexican APIS for PRIVATE General Aviation flights is now available that DOES NOT require the use of a third party portal
  • The timing requirements for when manifests have to be filed have been modified to make it easier to comply within a more reasonable time frame (First APIS submission can be made within 24 hours prior to departure; the second submission must be made 30 minutes prior to departure)
  • The new procedure establishes that a manifest must be filed by completing the approved Excel spreadsheet provided by Mexican Immigration. For more information on the procedure for filing Mexico APIS, please  click here

Mexican APIS Submission by CST Flight Services

We can take care of your Mexico APIS filing for your next international trip and ensure that you are in compliance with regulations before you go.

If you would like to have us file your Mexico APIS you can still proceed with the purchase of Mexico APIS and have it processed by us. To do so, we kindly ask you to first pre-purchase the number of APIS submission that you will require for your planned trip(s). Please note that for all flights to Mexico you will require two APIS submissions, one for your flight into Mexico and a second one for your flight from Mexico. Please click on the button below to download the MX APIS form, fill it out, date and sign it and e-mail it to info@cstflightservices.com. Please make sure you have access to a computer with internet connection to be able to complete the Excel spreadsheet that will be sent to you once the payment form has been received.

Mexico Airspace and ATC Over-Time Fees payment

If you are not landing at a Mexican airport and do fly through Mexican airspace, you will be liable for paying Mexican Airspace fees. If these fees are not paid, your aircraft may be denied entry into Mexican airspace on future flights or seized after landing at a Mexican airport.

The way Mexico's airspace regulations work is drastically different from any other country making it almost impossible for a non-Mexican pilot to comply on their own. What makes Mexico’s regulations unique from other countries are four things:

  1. The regulations are published in Mexico’s tax code, not in their Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and therefore do not appear in any international aeronautical publications

  2. Airspace fees are calculated based on the wingspan of the aircraft and NOT on weight

  3. Mexico does not issue an invoice to advise pilots that they have incurred a fee. It is the pilot’s responsibility to correctly determine the amount owed per the regulations

  4. Airspace and over-time fees can only be paid via a Mexican bank

CST Flight Services can help you stay in compliance with the payment of your Mexico Airspace Fees. The procedures are detailed below.

Due to issues with Mexican authorities we cannot make any further inquiries directly on behalf of aircraft owners. However, we can assist you with obtaining the information and the processing of payments.

Mexico Payments for PAST flights

The pilot is responsible for determining any amounts owed for Mexican airspace or overtime fees with the Mexican government for flights already made. To do this, the pilot must contact SENEAM offices (Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano) directly.

We cannot make any further inquiries directly with Mexican authorities on behalf of aircraft owners. However, we can assist you with obtaining the information you need so that we can process the payments on your behalf.

In order for CST Flight Services to assist you in making the payment, you will first need to determine the amount owed for past flights.

For non members please contact us via e-mail at info@cstflightservices.com

For members. To inquire about airspace fees owed, please download the document below which includes a set of detailed instructions for determining any amounts owed for both Mexican airspace and overtime fees.

Download Document 
Members Only

Once SENEAM has provided the information about the overflight(s) for which fees are owed, you will have to e-mail us the document that you received so we can calculate back taxes and international finance fees in order to make the payment on your behalf. 

Mexico Payments for CURRENT flights

If you wish to make payments to the Mexican government for present flights you must provide your flight history within the first 5 days of the month after the flight took place. The flight history must include:

  • Tail number
  • Aircraft Type
  • Date of each flight
  • Departure and Arrival airport of each flight

Once we receive your flight history, we will make the calculation of fees owed and send you a quote which will include our processing fee. (Special discount for our Online Services Subscribers)

To fill out and submit your flight history, please click on the corresponding button below:

Ground Handling

For the owner-pilot who needs to expedite international arrival and departure procedures and make sure everything goes off without a hitch, Ground Handling provides the perfect solution. By leveraging our international network of agents, we can provide an unsurpassed level of customized service and personal attention. Our goal is to breeze you through international arrival and departure formalities and avoid unnecessary delays.

Ground Handling Services include:

  • Review of all required aircraft, crew and passenger documents, route review and selection of suitable airports
  • Overflight and landing permit(s)
  • Charter permit (when needed)
  • CBP Southern Border Overflight Exemption (when needed)
  • Trip Briefing with International Weather and NOTAMs
  • APIS filings
  • Flight following
  • Local agent at each airport for arrival and departure proceedings, filing of ICAO flight plans, processing paperwork and handling of all local fees
  • Payment of all trip related fees (permits, airspace, airport and government)
  • Fuel coordination with agent and local fuel company
  • Ground transportation and/or lodging for crew and passengers*
  • Additional Ground Support services such as Catering, Lav Service, GPU, PRIST, etc.*
  • Inclusive quote, single Invoice

*Services provided upon request

Please click on the button below to request a full Ground Handling quote:

Guided Expeditions

Guided Expeditions are a great way to fly a private airplane to Mexico, The Bahamas, Caribbean and/or Central America and to share the experience with fellow pilots in a fun filled and worry free environment where everything is taken care of for you. Following is a sample list that includes some of our Past Guided Expeditions. It may serve as a source of information and inspiration for a Guided Expedition you would like to have us organize for your flying association, flying club or pilot friends. If you want to read more about any of the trips click on the link to download the PDF File where you will find the corresponding trip details.

With our Guided Expeditions Service we will take care of the logistics, flight planning, pilot briefings, document handling and processing, transportation, lodging and tour arrangements at the chosen destinations.

To find out how to create a Guided Fly-In for your flying group or pilot friends call us at +1 786.206.6147 or e-mail us at info@cstflightservices.com

Experience international flying like never before!

To view examples of Guided Expeditions we have organized in the past, click on the following button: